What does licensed mean?

The Ohio Department of Job and Family Services has reviewed multiple required licensing submittals and has done an onsite inspection of the childcare space making sure it meets or exceeds state of Ohio standards.

How often are you inspected?

A licensing specialist is required to complete at least one onsite inspection every year. These inspections are always unannounced. We also have a yearly unannounced Step up to Quality inspection.

Does the ELC hire qualified staff members?

Yes, all ELC members have had extensive backgrounds checks and have been trained in the areas of First Aid, CPR, Communicable Disease, and Child Abuse Awareness and Prevention. All staff are required to complete professional development hours yearly. Most of our staff have formal degrees and CDAs (Child Care Development Associates), as well as years of experience.

What is Step up to Quality?

This is a voluntary program that require rules and regulations that exceed normal licensing. We are currently a four-star awarded center.

Does the ELC have a curriculum or learn about the Bible?

Yes, we have an academic Christian-based curriculum that is blended with an evidence-based curriculum.

Do you provide meals?

We do not provide lunch. We do provide a breakfast snack, and an afternoon snack that meets all nutritional requirements. We also provide ODJFS required milk and 100% juice.

Do you have a nap time?

Yes, all children have a two-hour naptime, except for infants who set their own nap schedule. Children are not required to fall asleep, but they are expected to remain quietly on their cot.

Is my child required to have a physical before enrolling?

Yes, licensing requires all children to have complete physicals on file within 30 days of enrolling and every year thereafter. No exceptions.

Do I have to pay tuition even if my child is not in attendance?

Yes, to maintain classroom ratio and consistency tuition is due regardless of attendance. The only exception is the last week of the year when we are shut down for the holidays.

How do I guarantee a spot on a classroom roster?

We require a holding fee (one week’s worth of tuition) to guarantee a held spot for summer and/or fall enrollment. If enrolling outside of our normal semesters, a monthly fee of 25% of tuition will be required to hold a spot. Waiting lists are also an option with no holding fee and no spot held.

How do you keep classrooms and equipment clean?

We clean and disinfect multiple times during the day with a hospital grade sanitizer. We also have a professional cleaning company come in every evening.

How do you discipline?

Starting at two years old we “Remind, Redirect, Relocate, Remediate, Resume.”

Can I come to visit my child during the day?

Once enrolled, you will have unlimited access to your child. A prior request is required for an extended visit.

What if my child has non-typical behaviors and/or developmental delays?

The ELC strives to be most inclusive accepting enrollment of all children. We are equipped with a “sensory room” to help with behavioral situations. We will schedule a conference and discuss intervention and a plan for success. We reserve the right to require professional intervention if necessary.

What kind of security do you have?

The ELC is equipped with high resolution surveillance cameras, key fob entrances, and security team presence during high traffic hours.

How is it best to communicate?

We have a software program called Brightwheel (primarily for classroom communication), email addresses, desk phones, and an ELC cell phone. We ask that you text the ELC cell for an immediate response.

What should my child bring to school?

We require a complete change of clothing to be left at the center. A lunch, if they are packing. Nothing else from home is permitted. We will provide naptime blankets, classroom supplies, etc.

Does the ELC have a high teacher turn-over rate?

No, our turnover rate is lower than most. We provide excellent staff support and benefit packages to our staff.

Do the kids go outside to play?

Yes, all children 1 year and older are required to go outside between 25 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit. All classrooms have gross motor scheduled twice into their day.